Original Work

Flidais- 'Of the beautiful hair' -Irish Goddess.  Custom work for Morgan Daimler- 2014
Pharmakis: Euphorica, Sold 2013

Pharmakis: Somniferum

SOLD- 2013

The Pharmakis Sisters: idols of the herbalist witch, the mistress of drugs and green things- Somniferum, Euphorica and Venefica- personal and sold. 2013

Hekate- 'as above, so below'(with pitbull companion)- Custom Work for "Girly" Shirley L., 2013
Pharmakis, garden idol

Sold, Chelsea P. 2013

SOLD to Joanna Marks; Silver Hekate Key-Bearer, 2013
Hekate Kourotrophos- 'nurse of the young'. Commission, Ana. B., 2013
Hekate Key Bearer, SOLD, 2013